Incredible moment teacher addresses students’ rumour he is dating colleague

Rumours are part and parcel of school life with the smallest snippets of gossip spreading like wildfire.

Teachers are not exempt from the whisperings in the playground, but any information about their personal lives is usually kept closely guarded.

However, one teacher who had been directly confronted with a rumour he was dating a fellow member of staff decided to address it in front of the entire class – and it led to a truly heartwarming moment.

A resurfaced video shows maths teacher Jason Seifert stand up in front of his class of pupils in Ohio, US, to say: “There is a rumour going round that Miss Barker and I are dating, so it’s about time we addressed that I think.”

Incredible moment teacher addresses students’ rumour he is dating colleague

After revealing he been confronted about the rumour by two students, he confirms the pair are dating to huge cheers from the class, before adding: “And we are a little bit more than dating, because I am completely in love with her.”

Science teacher Miss Barker looks stunned by his announcement, clearly unaware he was going to make the speech, as she begins to break down in tears.

Mr Seifert then goes on to say: “I was wondering if Miss Barker would like to become Mrs Seifert,” pulling out a ring and getting down on one knee as the pupils explode in excitement.

Miss Barker puts her hands to her mouth in shock as she accepts and pair embrace – sending the children in the class into chaos.

The romantic moment was shared on Reddit where one viewer commented to say: “Yup, this 57 year old bloke (married to a teacher) has just watched that and seems to have got something in both eyes that has made them water.”

A second said: “Smart! How can she ever reject him in front of those screaming kids and break their tiny little hearts!”

A third replied: “When he says the line before he gets down on one knee you can hear his voice shaking. Great video.”

And another added: “I love that one kid who shouted ‘I better be invited to the wedding’.”